Horizon Social Media Analysis

How much do we care about climate change right now ?

What do theses numbers mean ?

Engagement index

This index reflects the public’s engagement on a given topic or debate. It is based on the number of people (worldwide or in one country) who react, comment or share content via social networks or any other media on the Web. The index value is computed in relation to the number of internet users in the given country, in order to measure engagement per person in that country.

Emotion index

This number shows engagement on the same topic or debate but only taking into account documents expressing an emotion.

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From measured optimism to enthusiasm in a fortnight

Over the 2 weeks of COP21, there were marked signs of change in opinion from the moment we started analyzing digital networks at the very start of the conference and to its close last weekend.

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The 1.5°C Battle

Set at Copenhagen in 2009, the goal of keeping global warming to within 2°C could be reduced further by the Paris agreement. A measure supported by a majority of Internet users who consider it to be insufficient.

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The risk of violence rises with the thermometer

On social networks, a large number of users fear that climate change could be at the root of political instability and violence.

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Biofuels, the other green energy

A majority of Internet users believe biofuel to be an energy of the future. On where and how it is produced, opinion is more divided.

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Out with the conventional, in with the electric!

Considered environmentally-friendlier, electric cars are winning over more drivers every year. Although a majority of Internet users trust in clean technology, some remain wary.

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Web users “trust” clean technology

Turning grey into green? Internet users think it can be done. According to our data, the Web is confident in Clean Technology.

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Companies divided on "carbon price"

While 79% of Internet users believe we should be putting a price on carbon, only 55% of companies worldwide agree. Australian businesses are least favorable.

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1.5°c Vs 2°c: Negotiations heat up

1.5 or 2 degrees of global warming: the subject is being hotly debated at COP21 in Le Bourget, but behind the talk of temperature limits for global warming hide GHG emissions which need to be brought under control.

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Internet users torn between concern and confidence

While a pre-agreement was adopted Saturday in Paris, the majority of Internet users worldwide continue to express feelings of concern on social networks. The second most expressed feeling is trust.

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Internet users worried about species extinction

Concern and fear are the two most expressed emotions online when it comes to species extinction, echoing alarmist scientific forecasts according to which the sixth mass extinction of the Earth’s history is already underway.

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