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Are you ready for negative growth?

Facing climate change issues, States, NGOs, organizations and businesses are looking for solutions to reach climate objectives. Green growth, degrowth or negative growth is increasingly thought of as part of the solution.

The more we produce, the more we pollute and the more natural resources are at stake. In less than eight months, humanity exhausts Earth's budget for the year. To anticipate the crisis, why not limit the economic growth of developed countries? If demanding more effort from the poorest countries is simply unthinkable, the richest countries will, however, have to tighten their belts. 

Toward a paradigm shift and cultural change


According to our social media data, supporters of growth are in the minority but are not out of touch with environmental concerns. 88% of the Intrenet users are ready to sacrify growth to protect the planet. 78% of business share the same point of view to fight climate change.


Scientists of the IPPPC group, as well as the International Energy agency (EIA) came to the same conclusions: to have any chance of limiting rising temperatures to below 2 degrees, two thirds of fossil fuel stocks (petrol, coal and natural gas) will have to remain underground. In a press release published last July, the “Réseau Action Climat” (RAC), a French NGO, called for a low carbon transition by giving up public funding to the coal industry and by promoting renewable energy. 

Experiment a new way of life 


Gardening on the rooftops of New York is more and more common

Local initiatives are emerging, promoting new ways of life and encouraging citizens to reduce their carbon footprint:  by recycling, reusing and setting up a circular economy… In France, Les Colibris, an organization founded by Pierre Rabhi, promotes a “happy sobriety” and supports the Oasis project. An experiment started in a hundred eco-friendly homes, districts, villages and cities working towards energy transition and located in urban as well as rural areas. “These new living areas facilitate the transition process of local territories toward a green economy”, claim Mathieu Labonne, Les Colibris’ director. 

In the States, the « Do it yourself » initiative is now making a powerful comeback, reacting against the excess of the consumer society and its devastating effect on the planet. San Francisco is an example, where the « zero waste » program aims to recycle 100% of domestic refuse.


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