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Internet users torn between concern and confidence

While a pre-agreement was adopted Saturday in Paris, the majority of Internet users worldwide continue to express feelings of concern on social networks. The second most expressed feeling is trust.

Will COP21 be a success? The question comes up throughout the social networks. The challenge is enormous: reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all countries to limit climate change to below 2 ° C. Of 203,805 worldwide data sources collected by COP21Horizon, 44% expressed concern in relation to the outcome of the Paris Climate Conference. Trust emerged as the second most common sentiment occurring in 31% of interactions, followed by fear (9%) and anger (6%). 


The dominance of concern

Concern is particularly strong in oil-producing countries such as Azerbaijan, Iraq, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and also high on social networks in Australia and the US, also producers of ‘black gold’. The major players of the carbon-rich economies are certainly more than aware of an imminent and radical change in their business model and of having to support the cost of energy transition.


France, host of COP21, is also one of the most concerned countries. The Conference’s President, Laurent Fabius, has already welcomed the draft accord adopted this Saturday, although Ministers of the 195 States have yet to overcome a large number of sticking points which remain in the text. Social networks, it seems, will be left holding their breath until the deadline on December 11th, 6pm.

There will be an agreement

Among the most confident countries include many African countries such as Angola, Benin, Chad, Central African Republic or Burkina Faso. The Beninese President Boni Yayi explained on December 6th: "Many of us are ready because it is in the best interest of Africa, which is the most vulnerable continent." New Zealand and the Philippines, both directly affected by rising sea levels, also expect concrete results.

French president with Africans leaders during the COP21

Although there is still a long way to go before an agreement is signed, negative feelings about COP21 remain in the minority; unlike other climate conferences, a majority of governments had already set GHG reduction targets before the negotiations. Despite these positive results, however, negotiations still seem far from the initial target leading   Fabius to promise this morning to step up efforts and to use "the experience of (his) entire life" in order to reach the objective.

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