Horizon Social Media Analysis


Web users “trust” clean technology

Turning grey into green? Internet users think it can be done. According to our data, the Web is confident in Clean Technology.

That one of the biggest climate change challenges is the transition to cleaner energies and technologies is a strongly held belief among Internet users. According to data collected by Cop21Horizon, 48.6% of interactions containing an emotion about "clean technology" expressed a feeling of "trust".


"Trust" and "concern" on top

A feeling which is in tune with the latest opinion polls; in a recent Ifop survey, 81 % of respondents even believe that the use of renewable energy would allow them to save money. An argument to some extent explainable by the many initiatives set up to reduce the financial impact on citizens (scrappage programs, ‘eco bonuses’, electrification of public transport...)

Introducing Model X of Tesla Motors.

The second most predominant sentiment in social media exchanges is "concern" in 31.1% of web discussions. Concern cannot tell us if users are enthusiastic or unhappy about such a perspective, but it demonstrates that the possibility of a change in energy consumption is seen as a reality.

“Fear” third on the podium

Feelings of “surprise” (0.7%), “sadness” (1.8%), “joy” (1.9%), “anger” (4.8%), “disgust” (5.2%) and “fear” (5.9%) make up the rest of the detected sentiments: a reminder, perhaps, that emitting energies still represent a significant part of global energy use. In its December 2014 report World Energy Outlook, the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimated that renewable energies accounted for only 14% of global consumption.



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