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Cop21horizon.com gives access to the website and its available services to the users. Every use of the website and its services, independently of the way the user has access and uses it, is ruled by the following conditions.

For the user, the simple access to the DPI/EPFL website with the following URL cop21horizon.com infers an agreement to the entire set of the following conditions.

Intellectual property: Every information displayed on this website (text, pictures, logos…) are protected by the rights of intellectual property detained by DPI/EPFL or by their partners. Therefore, none of these information can be reproduced, modified, translated, exploited for commercial purpose or reused in any way without the oral and written consent of DPI/EPFL. The title, the conception, the form of the website horizon.com but also its content such as the newsstream, descriptions, illustrations and original images et their layout, as well as every software compilation fundamental source code et other elements contained on the cop21horizon.com website are property of DPI/EPFL.

Hypertextual links: The cop21horizon.com website might contain hypertextual links redirecting to other websites on the internet. These links make you leave the cop21horizon.com website. It is possible to create a link to the presentation page of this website without the express authorization of DPI/EPFL. No authorisation nor information can be requested by the editor about a website that is willing to establish a link with the editor website. It is convenient to display this website on another window of the browser. However, DPI/EPFL saves the right to ask the deletion of a link that it judges non-compliant to the object of the cop21horizon.com website.

Editor’s responsibility: The information and/or the documents displayed on this website and/or accessible through this website come from sources judged reliable. However, these information and/or documents are susceptible to contain inexact techniques and typographic errors. DPI/EPFL reserves the right to correct them, as long as these errors are brought up to its knowledge. It is strongly recommended to verify the accuracy et the relevance of the information and/or the documents available on this website. The information and/or the documents available on this website are susceptible to be modified at any moment, and might be the object of updates. In particular, they can have been the object of an update between the moment of their download and the moment when the user reads them. The use of the information and/or documents available on this website is made under the entire responsibility of the user, assuming the entire consequences that can result from it, without that DPI/EPFL could be researched for this matter, and without resort against this last. DPI/EPFL will not be responsible in any case of any damage of any nature resulting from the interpretation or the use of information and/or documents available on this website.

Access to the website: The editor puts effort into allowing the access to the website 24/7, but in case of major force or an event out of DPI/EPFL’s control and under reserve of eventual system failures or maintenance intervention necessary for the good of the website and its services. Consequently, DPI/EPFL cannot guarantee the website availability and/or its related services, a reliability of the transmissions and of the performances in terms of answering time or quality. Any technical assistance is provided for the user by mail or telephone. The responsibility of the editor will not be engaged in case of an access denial to the website and/or the use of the services. Besides that, DPI/EPFL could interrupt the website or a part of the services, at any moment, without prior notice, and without compensation. The user acknowledges and accepts that DPI/EPFL is not responsible for any interruptions, and the consequences that could affect the user or any third party. 

Modification of the terms of use: DPI/EPFL keeps the rights to modify, at any moment et without prior notice, these conditions to adapt them to the evolution of the website and/or its exploitation. 

Rules of use of Internet: The user declares to accept the characteristics and the limits of Internet, and acknowledges especially that: DPI/EPFL has no responsibility on the services accessible by Internet and has no control of any form on the nature and the characteristics of the data that could transit via the intermediary of the central server. The user acknowledges that the data flowing on the Internet are not protected, especially not against any eventual misappropriation. The presence of the logo cop21horizon.com establishes a simple presumption of validity. The communication of any information judged by the user as sensitive or confidential is made at his own risks. The user acknowledges that the data flowing on the Internet are regulated in terms use or protected by a property right. The user is the only responsible for the use of the data that he consults, interrogates and transfers on the Internet. The user acknowledges that DPI/EPFL does not have any way of controlling the content of the services accessible on the Internet.

Applicable right: This present website as well as the modalities and conditions of its use are regulated by the French laws, wherever it is used. In case of an eventual contestation, and after the failure of finding an amical agreement, the French court will be the only competent to sort this litigation.

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