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United, so far

The Rio Convention on climate change forced historic polluters to bring financial aid to developing countries and to transfer green technologies. 23 years later, should solidarity between rich and poor countries be reinforced?

On the first day of COP21 in Paris, Evo Morales, the Bolivian president, called for the richest countries, historically responsible for the climate crisis, to pay for developing countries. 

A vast majority of Internet users totally agree


Although 86% of Internet users, based on data collected by Horizon COP21, are in favour of this call for solidarity, their motivation varies greatly. 40% think this is a global issue and that it’s in everyone’s interest for emissions to decrease. Another 40% believe that developing countries cannot fight climate change effectively without help from richer countries. But only 7 % of the social networks agree that developed countries are historic polluters and should therefore assume their responsibilities. 

More and more initiatives from richer countries

“We should honour our commitments and help developing countries to reach their objectives.” Following President Obama’s words, proposals to bring financial aid to the poorest countries followed one after the other from the 150 heads of state present. Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway announced a new 500 million dollar initiative that will find new ways to create incentives aimed at large-scale cuts in greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries to combat climate change. For his part, the New Zealand President spoke of a 200 million dollar initiative over the next four years to help the Pacific Island nations to fight against rising sea levels and extreme climate phenomena.

Serge Lepeltier, a negotiator for France at the Durban talks in 2011, believes that after 2020, mechanisms to help developing countries should be reinforced, building on technology and economic transfer which could be financed by a financial transaction tax. 


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